Aid helps the Church with their message

By July 4, 2011

Haiti (MNN) — Global Aid Network is making Haiti even more of a priority. While GAIN USA has worked alongside Nehemiah Vision Ministries in the beleaguered nation, Jim and Cheryl Warner are now living full-time in Haiti on their compound.

Warner says, "We were down here a number of times last year and a month last summer. We're also leading teams here, and God is leading us to spend an extended period of time, not only to coordinate all the Global Aids Network activities, but to help the Nehemiah Vision Ministries compound."

The work will be significant. "We have three teams yet this year, and then a couple early next year that will be coming down," says Warner. "Also, in between, we'll be helping with other activities on the compound."

Warner says since the earthquake hit last year, GAIN has sent 60 40-foot containers to Haiti containing "food, clothes, medical equipment, tents and a wide variety of things. Global Aid Network is partnering with churches in the United States helping us not only to fund the aid itself, but the funds required to ship that aid."

Because Christian teams are distributing the aid, Warner says the Gospel is a strong message going with it. "My wife led a team down here in March. They had almost 200 people come to Christ in just a week. And, we just had a team leave here in June doing eye clinics. We had 89 people pray to receive Christ."

Warner adds, "One of the byproducts of the earthquake has been a revival across the country. Churches all across the country have grown significantly, and people are seeking the Lord."

Warner says GAIN USA continues to recruit teams to Haiti to help with construction, medical clinics, water projects, and more. To find out about how you can help, click here.

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