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Published on 30 November, 2010

Aid responders arrive in Benin to meet crisis

Benin (MNN) — International aid agencies say that
the worst flooding in close to 50 years has affected hundreds of thousands of
people in Benin.

Areas previously thought not to be vulnerable to
flooding have seen whole villages wiped out. The waters killed 56 people and left at
least 100,000 homeless. More than 680,000 residents have been affected in
two-thirds of the country.

As with any disaster situation, waterborne
illnesses are becoming the primary concern, with authorities trying to head off
cholera and dysentery in the increasingly unsanitary post-flood conditions.

Relief agencies and the government are asking for $46.8 million USD to help
the West African nation recover. They
are looking at 300,000 acres of destroyed crops, no harvest, the loss of 81,000
livestock, and the probability of serious food shortages to come. 

In response to the crisis, Wycliffe Bible
personnel in the area have requested prayer for this West
African country. 

At the same time, they are praising God for safekeeping. According to Wycliffe's Benin director, they
did not lose any of their computers in the floods.

The team focused instead on the good results to an annual "Bible Translation
and Literacy" mobilization program held in local churches throughout
September. The team marks a growing involvement of Benin's churches in the
work of Bible translation and literacy.

Even as the work grows, it faces the threat of disruption as people look to
meeting physical needs. Pray for those
affected by the floods in Benin, especially for the provision of housing, food, and medical

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