AIDS orphan ministry grows in Zambia

By October 12, 2007

Zambia (MNN)– Every Orphan's Hope's Gary Schneider
says when their work began in Lusaka, Zambia, the church made it clear that
orphanages were unacceptable in their culture. But with thousands of AIDS
orphans in the community, something had to be done. 

The church then asked to move the ministry to the
kids. "Our goal is to have up to eight homes. Each home can hold up to
eight children with a widow and really create a new family. The church has
said, 'If you can build us eight homes in a community between the five or six
churches that are there, we can minister to their needs and make sure that
they're cared for in a loving way.'"

EOH has completed three My Father's House Orphan
Homes in the Kalingalinga Compound in Lusaka, Zambia. There are currently 20
orphans and 3 widows living in the three homes. The fourth and fifth My
Father's House Orphan Homes are the newest in 2007. They are supporting 16 orphans and 2 widows,
and the sixth is now under construction.

The team identifies suitable properties
or vacant land in a community where the local church and EOH have already
established an orphan outreach and discipleship ministry through Bible Camps
and Orphan Sponsorships.

For these children, sponsorship money alone is not
enough because there is no one left to buy them food…to send them to
school…to take them to the doctor…or to teach them about Jesus Christ.

What difference does one home make against millions
of orphans? An eternal one, says Schneider. "We take one child at a time and make sure that they know Christ
and understand that He has a plan for their future. The task is daunting; it's
big. As they say in Africa, 'How do you
eat an elephant? One bite at a time.' That's exactly the approach we're taking with the orphans."

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