AIM U.S. to relocate

By May 22, 2009

U.S.A. (MNN) — The U.S. headquarters for Africa Inland Mission is looking for a new home.

Having been located in Pearl River, NY for 40 years, AIM’s U.S. Director Ted Barnett announced that the headquarters needs to move to a less expensive location.

This decision will help AIM lower costs in the areas of staff housing and long-term expenses.

While the new location has not yet been established, AIM’s U.S. Council wants to complete the process of relocating within two years as well as find a buyer for the current headquarters.

However, there are several criteria the new location must meet. In addition to the sale being completed in two years, the location should be no more than an hour away from an international airport.

Also, the cost of the new property cannot be more than the amount received from the sale of the current headquarters. The price of housing in the area will also be taken into consideration.

Pray with Barnett and AIM’s U.S. Council as they make important decisions for the future of AIM. For more information, visit AIM's Web site .

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