Airport closing in Haiti?

By September 7, 2012

Haiti (MNN) — Prayers have been answered for a situation in Haiti. Construction had threatened ministries working in Cap Haitien, Haiti. According to For Haiti with Love, the airport was expected to close down Saturday.

Eva DeHart with For Haiti says, "The positive thing that's going on is: they're lengthening the runway and enlarging the terminal to accommodate larger planes. The negative thing that's going on is: in order to complete that, they've announced that they're closing the airport."

Airport officials made an initial announcement Wednesday. They had expected the airport to be completely closed for two months.

For Haiti with Love depends on flights from Missionary Flights International (MFI) for supplies. "Our clinic is out of burn cream. I have burn cream on its way to MFI, and if MFI will not be flying into Cap Haitien, obviously our burn cream won't be going in."

The burn clinic is an important part of the community. "When you remove electricity from a culture, you introduce open flames, which opens them up to all sorts of accidents. No one was treating those," says DeHart, "so we stepped in and filled that gap. We're the only free burn clinic in Haiti that we know of.

According to DeHart, treating burns is a great way to share Christ. "A lot of these burns also happen in accidents with the voodoo priests, where he makes [a mistake] and sets somebody on fire. So they're very willing to listen to the Gospel when something like that happens to them."

Now, airport officials say the airport will remain open and flights should be allowed in with no trouble. Airport authorities say the work will be done during low-traffic volumes and should be completed in October.

For Haiti with Love could use your help supporting their burn clinic ministry. You can do that by clicking here.


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