Albania recognizes Kosovo

By February 20, 2008

Kosovo (MNN) — Kosovo is being praised for its independence bid from Serbia, although border violence has marred it already. Its secession has provoked Serbia, and Russia warns of fresh Balkan unrest. Russia, China and some EU members are on record as strongly opposing Kosovo's break away from Serbia.

On the other hand, Albania has already formally recognized the independent state and has made friendly overtures for future cooperation. The European Union's biggest powers also formally recognized Kosovo's independence, which appears to have fueled some of the Serbian unrest.   

Yet, despite the mixed reaction, Words of Hope's Lee DeYoung says, "There's a sense that, although these two countries will remain separate politically, nevertheless there is such a common ethnic bond, that there's a great enthusiasm inside Albania for this historic step by the people of Kosovo."

DeYoung says this may signal an opportunity for the Gospel to gain entrance into Kosovo in a bigger way. He says their partners are seeking opportunities to place Albanian radio programs on stations in Kosovo. "We think there will be a greater interaction between the people of Albania and Kosovo including those believers who are in Albania and the churches that are growing there. So this may signal an opportunity for the Gospel to gain entrance into Kosovo."

Currently, Words of Hope's Romani programs are airing from Trans World Radio's transmitter in Albania. The people group targeted are numbered at roughly 44 million, and many are nomadic. To have a ministry geared for them is as significant as it is to finish a new Scripture translation to an unreached people group. 


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