Algerian Christian released early after imprisonment for social media post

By August 14, 2023

Algeria (MNN) — An Algerian Christian is free today after spending over two years in prison. Hamid Soudad was arrested years ago on blasphemy charges for a social media post he made back in 2018.

We spoke with The Voice of the Marytrs Canada’s Riadh Jabballah who knows Hamid. “I met him many years ago when I was there in Algeria. He’s a very humble man and a really simple believer. He received a message from his friend about the caricature about the Prophet Muhammad. Right away, he shared this caricature on his Facebook page.”

Man with Algerian flag. (Photo courtesy of Nasro Azaizia/Unsplash)

The husband and father of four young children thought the charges would be dropped, but he was sentenced to five years in prison.

Yet, in July, Soudad was released early as part of Algeria’s Independence Day celebrations. At least 8,500 prisoners were pardoned or had sentences decreased.

As the Body of Christ, we can pray for persecuted Algerian Christians like Soudad to have wisdom and be encouraged in their faith. And praise God for Soudad’s release!

Jabballah says, “We need to build a bridge. We need to open doors interfaith. We need also to plant the seeds here and there.”

It’s only the seeds of the Gospel that will soften hearts. Algeria is almost totally unreached with the Gospel, and Islam is the state religion. Yet the small underground Church in Algeria is growing.

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Header photo courtesy of Pixabay.