Algerian Christians singled out during protests

By August 31, 2021

Algeria (MNN) — The mortar and pestle, an ancient tool used for crushing food like spices and nuts, has become a symbol of the protests in Algeria.

George Makeen from SAT-7 explains. “They were using it in the demonstrations to just make noise and revive people. Then, those who are against the movement said, ‘This is the noise of church bells. And this is why Christians are not national, not part of the nation.”

However, many Muslims defended Christians against this accusation. They pointed out that Christians too want a better Algeria, with less government corruption. Makeen says, “So our prayers are for the state to understand and to treat Christians with respect. Pray for Christians to continue to be engaged, to have that sense they are not alone, not left behind, and not forgotten.”

Pray for true change

Those in power have reason to turn Algerians against each other. These protests forced the former president to step down in 2019. Makeen says, “[The protestors] are upset because they are not sure about their future. They’re not sure if there is enough employment for them or not.”

As a sound like church bells rings over Algeria, pray for justice in the country. Ask God to build His kingdom and bring many people to the love of Jesus.



Header photo courtesy of Jiří Sedláček, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons.