All eyes are on Zimbabwe

By April 2, 2008

Zimbabwe (MNN) — Days after Zimbabwe's elections, people
are anxious about the results.  There
are concerns over fraud, and observers are wondering if Zimbabwe will explode
like Kenya did after December's elections. 

The normally-bustling streets of the capital city, Harare,
were emptied amid fears of protests or a government crackdown. That, along with a heavy police presence and
8 pm curfew, is adding to the weight of anxiety as the results trickled out slowly.

Under current president Robert Mugabe's rule, the people
have struggled with a decade of recession. The country's economy has collapsed, staggering under an 80-percent
unemployment rate, "brain" drain (highly educated and trained professionals
fleeing their home country for better opportunities elsewhere) and an out-of-control cost of

Charles Debter with Global Aid Network (GAiN USA) says people
are desperate for hope. "There's
approximately a 100,000% inflation rate right now ,and the life expectancy is
the lowest in the world–bout 36 years, So as you look to this election,
people have been looking for a change that would bring them the possibility of
living their lives without oppression." 

GAiN built a history with ministries in Zimbabwe and has
been sending in both teams and containers of humanitarian aid–one of which was
released from customs last Friday.  

That, in turn, explains Debter, encourages ministry. "The humanitarian aid has had a great
help in Zimbabwe toward opening opportunities for churches to be planted and for
new works to happen in areas that had previously been closed for the local

The 2008 trip is moving forward in August as planned. GAiN's team serves alongside a local partner ministry
who planted 300 new churches in 2004 through an effort known as Project Jericho

This year, part of the team will be conducting medical
clinics. The other part of the team will be distributing humanitarian aid. Teams often minister in schools and churches
nearby and help with light construction work. 

Continue to pray that their work would be an encouragement to
beleaguered Christians in Zimbabwe. Pray
for their effectiveness in sharing the Gospel, and that hearts respond to God's



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