All signs point to go for the Sekadau people

By August 26, 2013

Indonesia (MNN) — Paul and Bella Gervasi began their missionary life in Indonesia over 30 years ago.

A maturing church is a sign of success for missionaries to the Sekadau people. (Image, caption courtesy NTM)

A maturing church is a sign of success for missionaries to the Sekadau people. (Image, caption courtesy NTM)

Serving with New Tribes Mission (NTM), the couple started working among the Sekadau people in 2004. Today, they feel their work is nearing an end.

Along with a family from Gerai, Indonesia, the Gervasi’s, their daughter Cori and co-worker Naomi minister to the Sekadau tribe through translation, lesson development, discipleship and outreach.

After almost a decade of these efforts, a ‘graduation’ of sorts is nearing. The tribal church is learning to take care of itself.

Indigenous leaders meet to talk about the life of the church and what’s needed for maturity. Without the help of a missionary, lesson plans are being developed and reviewed for teaching chronologically through the Bible.

The Sekadau are also reaching out to other villages with the Gospel. Another encouraging sign is the distribution of Scripture.

Nearly 300 verses in the Sekadau’s heart language — 292 verses, to be exact — were recently printed and handed out to tribal leaders. The hope is that leaders will now read God’s Word and find ways to apply it to their own lives, instead of being taught from the missionaries’ studies.

But, herein lies a challenge: literacy.

NTM missionaries have held multiple literacy classes and programs for the Sekadau people. They’ve even created and printed books of stories that multiple generations can enjoy, from children to grandparents.

Will you join them in praying for the budding literacy program? Pray that Sekadau leaders feel a desire and need to teach their people how to read and write. Pray developments like those mentioned above will continue.

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