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By December 26, 2013
Pray. Give. GO.

Pray. Give. Go.

International (MNN) — How can we help our brothers and sisters in Christ who are persecuted for their faith? Dyann Romeijn from Vision Beyond Borders suggests 3 ways: pray, give, and go.

She explains that persecuted Christians around Christmas time don’t ask for material things first. “They ask for prayer for themselves and for their families.”

And then the second thing they typically ask for is for Bibles. They don’t have access to Bibles, and they ask for the Word of God.” You can give to help provide God’s Word to those who don’t have ready access to one.

Getting Bibles across borders safely without risk is something VBB needs help with. Americans who get caught will only get the Bibles confiscated. For anyone else, “If they were caught with the Bibles, they could go to prison or actually even be killed.” Romeijn continues, “It’s our responsibility as Americans where we have little risk involved to be able to go and get those to them.”

Another area of need for financial help: to support women who have been trapped in sex slavery. Safe houses are being built to protect them from predators. When you help VBB to sponsor these women, “they will receive education and training so they can be rehabilitated.”

As you gather with loved ones this Christmas season, be mindful of those who don’t have those same freedoms. Pray for those in need. Give to those in need. And then, go and make a difference where God calls you.

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