Alphabet soup equals growth in Asia’s church

By March 9, 2010

Asia (MNN) — Church leadership development in Asia is a

Leadership training for Asian Access is done through the
Japan Church Growth Institute.

The key to its effectiveness is the careful selection of
twelve emerging leaders on an annual basis. These leaders are then invited to
be a part of a class that meets four times a year, for a week at a time, over a
two-year period.

When the twelve meet together, they are working through an
established curriculum that accelerates their growth as spiritual leaders, as
well as organizational leaders.

As word about this work in Japan spread across Asia,
interest grew. Asian Access began to explore how to help leaders in other
places in Asia.

When the indigenous church began owning it, the growth was
exponential in one of the largest countries in Asia. Joseph Handley,
President of Asian Access, or A2, says, "'In the provincial capitals, we'll call
it 'B2,'" describing how the enthusiasm for a homegrown A2
movement began spreading.   

What's more exciting, Handley says, "They've launched an entire movement of leadership training
that follows this vision: to be a vibrant community of servant leaders with
vision, character and competence, leading the church across Asia." 

Because the Gospel is making huge inroads, "Not only
did they start a B2 movement–the country is so large and they want to impact
more rural areas–they've now started a C2 movement," says Handley. 

In India, A2 leaders want to start their own B2
movement. Handley says prayer is huge, and a lot hinges on the identification of the right leaders. "As we look toward expansion in
countries like India, one of the most critical components we have is finding
the right pastor who will become a regional or city leader to lead the

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