Alur people wait for the Gospel

By June 30, 2011

Uganda (MNN) — Who knew you could use a free iTouch or iPhone Bible app to help bring the Gospel to unreached people? Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) is asking users of their free app for the iTouch and iPhone to partner with them to bring the New Testament to the 1.3 million Alur people in Uganda.

The ministry has a plan to record a word-for-word, dramatized version of the New Testament in the Alur language. The total cost of the project will amount to $25,596. In order to fund this evangelistic project, FCBH is seeking 2,600 app users who would donate just $9.90 to the cause. One donation funds the cost of three verses, which brings them that much closer to finishing the Alur New Testament and making an impact for God's Kingdom.

The Alur people mostly live in various locations among the West Nile district, in northwestern Uganda. One-third of the people live below the poverty line. Currently, according to Joshua Project, just over 20 percent of the Alur people are evangelical Christians. However, they are in dire need of an audio New Testament in their heart language in order to cultivate a growing relationship with Christ and reach out to others in their community.

This project will advance FCBH's Digital Bible Project as they seek to reach people in a digital age. Nearly 50% of the world is illiterate. But in these days of technology, the opportunity for spreading the Word of God could not be any greater. With currently 2 million internet users and 5 million mobile/cell phone subscriptions, dramatized and digital versions of Scripture can reach people across language and literacy barriers. Those barriers just need to be broken with audio Scriptures in a people group's native tongue.

It is the hope of the ministry that this project will not only bring the words of Christ to the Alur people, but they also hope to build a community among members with a account and those following on Facebook and Twitter. This project is being promoted also through Mission Network News' very own Challenge for Change event going through the month of July.

"Imagine: for less than $10, people can come alongside us and partner in fulfilling the Great Commission in our lifetime," states Troy Carl, the ministry's national director and architect of the Digital Bible Project. "And when the recording is done, you can actually say, ‘Hey, I played a part in bringing God's Word to this people group.'"

So far, FCBH has a catalog of 533 New Testament language recordings with 218 of those languages available on the app along with text. The ministry is working on adding new recordings to the app and hopes to have all 533 language versions of the New Testament available for use. Their long-term vision is to have 2,000 languages completed by 2016. You can help by donating to their cause, one language at a time, starting with the Alur people.

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  • woow so great. Am a born again Christian .an alur. as i planned for an outreach today i thought of an alur digital bible. as i tried to search, i landed on this great project. praying it will be out soon to reach Alur people says:

    woow so incredible. eagerly waiting

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