Ambonese Malay translators want your help

By December 21, 2018

Indonesia (MNN) — More than 700 languages are used throughout the Indonesian archipelago. One of them – Ambonese Malay – is about to get its first-ever New Testament translation.

According to Wycliffe USA’s Jennifer Stasak, “this translation team has been working together for more than a decade and they’re almost ready to print the New Testament in their language, so that’s very exciting news.

“This project is a great example of how important it is for translation teams to work together with the local church. They really have involved the church and their community, and everyone really has ownership of this project.”

“Whether they’re fishing or working or worshiping – the focus is on doing it as a group.”

Togetherness plays an important role in Indonesia’s collectivist culture.

“No matter what the group happens to be doing – whether they’re fishing or working or worshipping – the focus is on doing it as a group, not necessarily on the individual,” Stasak explains.

“So, the Ambonese Malay translation team has been working closely with the local church.”

Unity will play an especially important role in the days ahead. Once the translation is completed and printed, the Ambonese Malay people can begin engaging with God’s Word in their heart language.

“We know that Scripture, when it’s engaged with… transforms lives, it transforms churches,” Stasak says.

“This team really is focusing not just on translating Scripture, but on setting up Bible studies [and] really engaging the local church so that these Scriptures are being used.”

The team wants you to join their efforts too, she adds. For the next ten days, every dollar given to help finish and print the Ambonese Malay New Testament will be matched, up to $8,000. Click here to donate online and help the Ambonese Malay people publish their first-ever New Testament.

“I may never meet the Ambonese Malay translation team, but I can practice being in community with them because they are my brothers and sisters in Christ,” Stasak states.

“Pray that this team will continue to be unified and that they’ll just be encouraged… by the transformation that they’ll see within their own community and their churches.”

Meet the Ambonese Malay translation team here.



Header and story image courtesy Wycliffe USA. 

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