Americans support Ukraine, focus on domestic issues

By November 16, 2022

Ukraine (MNN) — Most people in the U.S. support Ukraine as the Russian invasion drags on. But polls also show Americans are more concerned with domestic affairs like inflation.

Tabitha Price with Wycliffe Associates says, “As Westerners, it’s easy to forget how it’s affecting lives. And it’s easy to get tired of hearing about it. I’ve seen that happening. And I don’t want to be judgmental because I understand how it happens. I would probably feel that way if I didn’t know people there personally.”

“I have a Christian friend who is striving and struggling to serve God in that broken place.”

Wycliffe Associates partners saw their home completely destroyed by a bomb. But they returned to their church near Kyiv and established a shelter for those displaced.

Roma translation

Meanwhile, they continue translating the Bible into four new languages spoken in Ukraine. Price says, “There are communities of Roma people who have lived in Ukraine for decades, some for centuries. They live fairly separate lives from the Ukrainian nationals, and they maintain their own language. They don’t all speak the same language, either. There are several Roma groups.”

Pray these partners will have the necessary resources to continue the work. Price says, “They also have young adult children outside the country. They’re separated from their young adult children for protection’s sake. They’re just an example of what’s going on with families in Ukraine.”

Want to support these translation projects? You can at Wycliffe Associates’ website. Price says, “It’s a challenge to get funding to that area of the world. But we know that God will work.”



The header photo shows damage from a strike in Kyiv, Ukraine. (Photo courtesy of, CC BY 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons)

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