AMG feeds Uganda in spirit and in health

By April 21, 2009

Uganda (MNN) — In Uganda, few pastors are well-trained or educated in exegesis or other biblical studies. Whether or not they seminary training, they still typically lack the resources to do intensive studies of the Bible. Many do not have so much as a concordance in their own language, or even in English.

AMG International is doing their best to change this. Reuben Musiime, who was born in Uganda but came to the United States for seminary, heads the AMG pastoral program in Uganda. Musiime leads pastor conferences to provide pastors with skills to lead their congregations.

"Pastors in these rural settings have very limited background and very limited resources," says AMG President, Paul Jenks. "So we have established a program not only to provide a basic library for these pastors, but also to do some training."

The "basic library" includes materials such as concordances and Bible handbooks for pastors to dive deeper into the Word. As they gain more insight and understand the Bible better, they are more equipped to reveal more truth to their congregations and to evangelize.

Evangelism will specifically be put into practice at AMG's orphanage in Uganda. "We are in the process of building a facility called Camp El Har," explains Jenks. "This is an orphanage for children who have the HIV virus themselves or who are orphaned because their parents died of AIDS."

The orphanage will provide a place for children who have lost their parents to stay, eat, grow and learn about their Savior. Jenks says although it is technically an orphanage, AMG plans to keep the children as connected to their extended families as they can.

AMG needs your help for both of these projects. There is a great need for child sponsors, and if you have a heart for pastoral work, you can help provide concordances and other resources for pastors in Uganda. To help in either effort, click here.

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