AMG helps Athens women leave sex work

By August 30, 2022

Greece, (MNN) — Some 800 brothels operate in the city of Athens, Greece. Prostitution is legal in the city, but only a third of these brothels are legally registered. Unregistered sex workers face many additional dangers, including abuse and disease.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, things got harder for unregistered sex workers in Athens. Work dropped off during lockdown. And to qualify for government aid, workers had to show evidence of legal operation and tax payments.

AMG safe house

That’s why AMG International operates a safe house in Athens to help women leave sex work.

Brian Dennett talks about Community House Damaris (CHD). “A Greek missionary named Dina is a pastor’s wife associated with AMG for many years. She started this facility as a response to the years that she spent visiting with and witnessing to downtown Athens brothels.”

CHD provides a safe environment and therapy for trauma. Women also receive job training so they can support themselves. Since the safe house was founded 4 years ago, it has served 20 women. The program is designed to last 3 to 7 years. Dennett says, “It’s really leading women to discover their worth, their value, and their identity in Christ.”

“We just heard from Dina. She was sharing about three women that had just committed to completely leave prostitution.”

Pray AMG can expand this ministry. Dennett says, “There are lots of women waiting to get into it. We would like to be able to serve each woman that wants to leave this awful life and have help coming to the Lord through it.”



Header photo courtesy of Community House Demaris on Facebook.

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