AMG in Christmas prep mode

By August 6, 2012

International (MNN) — Summer is not even over, but would you believe some stores are already selling products and decorations for Christmas?

Keeping stride with the secular market, AMG International reports that their childcare workers are already planning for their Bundles of Love Christmas programs.

Each year, AMG’s Bundles of Love ministry gives essential Christmas gifts to kids and individuals in need. They also hold a Christmas celebration where the message of Christ and the Gospel is presented.

Countries where Bundles of Love are distributed include Uganda, India, Guatemala, Haiti, and Peru. Two of those countries are in the top 20 poorest countries worldwide.

Bundles of Love can be especially needed since many third world countries require uniforms for school. Many kids and their families can barely afford school fees, much less uniforms.

Each Bundle of Love contains items appropriate for the region where the child or individual lives. It may have things like clothing, a pair of shoes, a blanket, toys, or other necessities. If the recipient doesn’t already have a Bible, he or she gets a copy as well.

And ultimately, the clear presentation of the Gospel message at the celebrations is what it’s all about. According to AMG, some of their distribution sites have been attended by government officials listening to the Gospel presentation.

Christmas Bundles of Love celebrations also feature presentations by AMG co-workers, along with songs, and skits by the children.

“They will come for the gifts. They will leave with THE gift: Jesus Christ,” AMG writes.

Bundles of Love are also given to national pastors, national childcare workers, and those staying at Valley of Love, an AMG community in India for people suffering from leprosy.

Please pray for AMG’s childcare workers as they plan for this year’s Bundles of Love ministry. Pray that many will to come know Christ as a result.

Each Bundle of Love costs $20. If you’d like to provide a child or individual with a Bundle of Love and the Gospel this Christmas, click here.

Churches are also invited to join AMG as they rev up for the distribution. You can host a “Bundles of Love Sunday” at your church. Click here to learn how.

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