AMG International offers Bundles of Love to those in need

By December 17, 2020

Int’l (MNN) — As Christmas approaches it’s easy to get caught up in the lights and presents. Yet for many, extra gifts are the last thing on their minds this year. AMG International offers an extra seed of hope for families in need with their Bundles of Love program.

Bundles of Love is an annual program that offers tangible assistance to children, national workers, and leprosy victims supported through AMG. The program began in the 1960s when leaders saw that while the Gospel was being spread, many practical needs were going unmet. From that realization came the idea of a Christmas gift bundle filled with items a person or family may need but be unable to purchase.

2020: A Unique Year

Ken Ivins with AMG says this year brings extra challenges for many families. “A lot of poverty we’ve seen in the past, it was hard, has now become worse. People haven’t had the jobs they needed. A lot of food wasn’t planted in a timely fashion and so now it’s not being harvested as it should. A lot of our people are being held back at home. So we’ve experienced a lot of those similar things we experience here in the States, but to a much greater degree.”

(Image courtesy of AMG International)

For people living on day-to-day incomes, the need for practical gifts has increased dramatically. Ivins says that the gift bundles not only help those who receive them, but they support the local economy. Each bundle is financed with 20 U.S. dollars. The money is given to field directors who purchase the things most needed by each family.

“They’re buying it locally, and so they have a great impact on [the economy],” Ivins says. So that’s one of the things as we as we look through this program, that’s we really appreciate. That God’s given us the vision, years ago, to do it this way, to impact not only the child, but also their community and their families.”

Sharing Hope

From Peru to Bangladesh, local leaders in thirteen countries are planning bundles with the unique challenges of COVID-19 in mind. Celebrations and distribution may be door to door or in a bigger space with face masks required. However individual teams decide to share the gifts, the Gospel will be preached and practical assistance will be provided. Learn more about different programs here.

AMG asks that Christians prayerfully consider joining the Bundles of Love program. With just a twenty-dollar gift, supporters can provide meaningful gifts to children, families, the sick, and national leaders. The program’s goal this year is $90,000. This would be enough for nearly 4,500 people in need.

Ivins asks that people pray for long-lasting influences on families. Pray the Gospel will be clearly presented with each bundle and that people would look with thanks toward the God who ultimately provides all good things.

Join AMG by sponsoring a Bundle of Love here.



Header image courtesy of AMG International.