AMG International updates us on their plans for the future.

By July 7, 2005

Greece (MNN)–It was London vs. Paris, but in the end, the decision went to Britain in the Olympic decision.

Moscow, New York and Madrid were eliminated in the first three rounds.

London got the Olympics for the first time since 1948, while Paris was frustrated for a third time in 20 years. It hasn’t held the games since 1924.

While Londoners are celebrating a successful bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games, one group celebrates what exposure like that does for outreach.

AMG International says their work has been progressing well since the 2004 Games were held in Athens. AMG’s Fotis Romeos outlines what’s been happening in their plans. “The final stage of the CosmoVision Center is to have the first Christian school in Greece, which is going to go from elementary to high school.”

Greece is at the crossroads of outreach to North Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Romeos says they’re “trying to get the advantage of experience we had around the Olympics and expand the ministry in our region.” The exposure AMG got may turn into an opportunity for minstry.

With a multi-million dollar faciltiy under construction, Romeos says they have high hopes. “The National Center of New Testament Studies will be open next year as we are developing the dormitories for that right now. We plan for the Christian school to open the next four or five years.”

AMG hopes the Center will generate enough income to make it self-supporting. This will greatly multiply the sacrificial investment of God’s people to advance the ministries of the gospel in Greece and all over the world.

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