AMG meets refugees’ physical and spiritual needs in Greece

By December 23, 2015
(Photo courtesy of AMG International via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of AMG International via Facebook)

Greece (MNN) — As violence in the Middle East rages on, more and more refugees are fleeing their homes and searching for a better life elsewhere. That gives countries a perfect opportunity to meet needs–both physical and spiritual.

That’s exactly what AMG International is doing in Greece. AMG has been serving refugees in Greece for about the last 15 years. Volunteers provide hot meals, medical services, and run a program for children, as well as distribute Gospel literature. It also has teams serving in refugee camps operated by the government.

But it’s impossible for AMG to meet every need. Fotis Romeos, the director of AMG Greece, said he was seeing about 3,000 new refugees enter the country every week; throughout the last four months, that number has become thousands every day. Romeos says volunteers are working around the clock and are becoming physically exhausted.

Another issue is that as refugees travel through Greece on their way to other parts of Europe, some are getting trapped inside the country. Greece has recently been closing its northern border to certain nationalities, preventing thousands from leaving.

Would you keep this situation in your prayers? Pray for strength for AMG volunteers who are providing food, clothing, and medical services. Pray also for wisdom for government authorities and those making life-changing decisions. Pray for vulnerable groups like mothers with young children. Pray for wisdom for church leaders on how to best respond, that they would find opportunities to share the Gospel and that refugees would come to Christ.

You can also lend your support by providing tangible resources. Click here to donate to AMG’s Greece ministry.



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