AMG seeks teachers for a new school in Thailand.

By January 16, 2006

Thailand (MNN)–AMG International is ready to launch a new project in the Nan Province of Northern Thailand.

The government recently granted permission to expand Grace Kindergarten’s program to a full primary school through the sixth grade.

Construction is well underway for the new school building, which will be finished in May. AMG’s Pat Ragan says they’re looking for two longer term teachers to work at the new school. “The English teachers that we need would help us train Thai teachers in actually teaching English to the kindergarten and elementary school students and they would also conduct English classes themselves. So, in this way, they’re able to be a witness and share the Gospel with the children there.”

The history and reputation of the school has grown over 23 years. Grace Kindergarten provides its students a 3-year advantage over other traditionally taught students.

There are currently 175 students and 17 staff members. The need for more staff is obvious, but they’re billing the positions as ‘internships’ at the moment. While there are a number of responses, because most candidates only stay for an abbreviated period, the door remains open.

Ragan says the ministry potential is especially potent. “It’s a unique opportunity to be involved in Asia, which of course is in the 10/40 window. Northern Thailand, there, near Laos, is a very strategic place to be working in ministering the Gospel.”

The excitement is building, too. “Our co-workers there are very excited that we’re helping promote this need and they’re looking forward to God meeting this need.”

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