AMG sends help as Myanmar violence continues

By June 8, 2021

Myanmar (MNN) — Earlier this year, the military of Myanmar forcibly took power. Since the coup, Myanmar has spiraled into chaos and violence. Bombs rain down on rural villages as different groups take up arms against the military. Over 800 people have been killed.

Brian Dennett of AMG International says, “I’m hearing from our people that currently there are somewhere around 5,000 people hiding in the jungle, really afraid of the fighting that’s happening. And then you have thousands fleeing to India, for example, on foot. And then you have people in the jungle hiding with really no access to any basic supplies.”

The military has created chokeholds in different parts of the country that prevent many people from getting the supplies that they need. Dennett says, “You have the young and the old walking in some cases hours to get food and water.”

Getting involved

You can help send the love of Jesus to Myanmar by getting food and supplies into the country. Partner with AMG at Dennett says, “We have been trying to be very creative at getting supplies in. We use motorcycles, the church network that we have there, and our team in Thailand. And please pray that this coup group will stop these chokeholds.”



(The header photo comes courtesy of AMG International)

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