AMG shares the Gospel through Media Evangelism

By January 6, 2016

Turkey (MNN) — In its first video for the 2016 year, AMG International opened up about its ministry in Turkey. AMG has been using media evangelism to share the Gospel with Muslims in Turkey for a couple of decades.

Photo Courtesy Denny Lang Via Flickr

Photo Courtesy Denny Lang Via Flickr

Turkey is home to 80 million people, but only around 5,000 have come to know Christ as their Savior.

Why use media to introduce the unreached to Jesus? Simple. The newspaper, Internet, and ads enter places where Christians cannot.

“Over the years, thousands upon thousand have responded to our media evangelism efforts,” says AMG’s Tasos Ioannidis.

*Alfred, an AMG partner and video guest, says, “AMG has been sponsoring newspaper advertising and media advertising in Turkey for approximately 25 years. And we’ve seen many people come to faith through that–especially through newspaper advertising, which was a key way to reach people for many years.”

However, follow-up has been a huge factor in this evangelism style.

“This one follow-up worker has seen four churches planted through his efforts. And that’s mainly because of the intensity he gives to follow-up. He calls everyone immediately, instead of waiting for them to do a correspondence course,” explained Alfred,

“He’ll call them and say, ‘Have you received your materials and would you actually like to meet and talk about Jesus Christ?’”


Through numerous ads, individuals are given the opportunity to take a Bible correspondence course. In these courses, individuals are taught the basics about God and Christianity. Later courses build upon these basics.

*Lucy, an AMG partner and video guest, said, “More Muslims have come to faith in the last 15 years than they have in the 1,400 years before that.”

Please pray for AMG’s media evangelism in Turkey and for Muslims to continue coming to know Christ.

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*Names have been changed for individual’s protection.

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