AMG tackles food crisis in Latin America, Caribbean

By December 28, 2021

Guatemala (MNN) — Hunger in Latin American and the Caribbean has reached its highest point in 15 years. Over 59 million people face food insecurity around the region.

That’s an increase of 13.8 million since 2019 according to a UN report. The report calls this increase, “the most pronounced rise in relation to other world regions.”

The COVID-19 pandemic and transportation disruptions have made this situation worse, says Brian Dennett with AMG International. “I spoke to our national director in Guatemala, for example, yesterday. He shared that just the cost of all of their basic staples like beans, rice, and corn, is through the roof. At the moment, an estimated 1/5 of their country is hungry.”

AMG’s focus

As the problem gets worse, AMG has shifted its ministry focus towards feeding the hungry in Jesus’ name. Dennett says, “So in Latin America, we have fed tens of thousands over the last year, and we continue to do that. We feel the best way to do that is not by sending things down, but by purchasing locally and helping local economies in that way. For those who want to donate, we will be purchasing lots more food and helping the hungry, while also sharing the Gospel.”

Ask God to provide for people in these regions, and find your place in this story. Dennett says, “Most of us can probably hardly imagine what it’s like to truly be hungry. And when you’ve seen that, it’s just such a desperate thing.”

Want to help AMG continue this work? Learn more or donate here. Dennett says, “We are already feeding people. And we always have been purchasing food directly from local vendors to feed children in our schools and in our hospital. We have just ramped up that process.”



Header photo courtesy of AMG International.