AMG takes an ad out for Christ

By October 20, 2015

amgturkeyInternational (MNN) — What do you do when you can’t openly speak about the Gospel? Well, you put it in a newspaper ad. At least that’s what AMG International is doing.

All across the world, AMG is getting the Gospel into hard-to-reach places. This is because newspapers can enter places where Christians are normally barred.

This newspaper evangelism, more commonly known as media evangelism, has been “one of the most effective methods…to spread the Gospel” according to AMG. In Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist countries, this is sometimes the only way to communicate the Gospel.

However, the evangelism doesn’t stop with the ad. Once a person responds to the ad, he/she is sent a Bible and a Bible correspondence course.

This course is designed to teach the basics about Christianity. It then builds upon these basics and teaches about further doctrine. Those who complete this course receive certificates.

Non-Christians are the biggest group of responders to these types of ads.amgnpthailand

It’s often because of curiosity these ads work. They people want to find out what the big deal is about. So really, curiosity isn’t killing the cat, it’s saving it.

It’s not long before these unbelievers become Christians. These new believers are usually on fire for Christ, and because of this, they often invite others to join these courses.

Please be praying for the continued success of these ads and for the new believers.

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