AMG’s radio ministry provides a safe way for many to hear the Gospel

By May 26, 2020
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International (MNN) –AMG International’s radio ministry shares the Gospel message all over the world, leading many to faith in Jesus.

AMG’s Bill Passons explains that AMG has a long history of media ministry, but their radio ministry only began about 20 years ago. He believes that it remains a very relevant ministry, particularly for evangelism.

“We’ve definitely used [radio ministry] to evangelize, start conversations, and allow people to explore some thoughts they may have in countries where they may not be safe or or they may not feel comfortable asking these questions publicly,” he explains.

Passons says AMG often focuses on these high-risk areas with their radio ministry.

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“We try to focus on places where it’s hard to reach people,” he says. “We use radio specifically in in high-risk areas, so that we can kind of go into people’s living rooms, share with them Good News, invite them to reach out in a very safe manner, and start a conversation that hopefully will lead to them wanting to know Christ as their personal Savior.”

Finding Faith

While the COVID-19 pandemic has made life harder in many ways, Passons believes it has provided a fertile ground for the radio ministry.

“This is one of our ministries that has been least affected. As people are staying home, they’re still tuning into media like radio,” he says. “They have hours to fill, so it’s actually created even more [of an] opportunity for us to be able to reach into people’s living rooms.”

Passons explains that AMG hopes to facilitate conversations about coming to faith and sharing that faith with others.

“We have a specific focus and a desire to evangelize [and] see people who have questions about Christ,” he says.

Once listeners come to faith, Passons hopes that AMG’s ministry is able to encourage them to become involved in a local church as well.

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“We consider it to be [a] success whenever we can engage someone, [when] we can walk with them as they explore who Christ is,” he says. “Ultimately, we pray that they would accept Christ as their personal Savior and can connect with a local body of believers that’s going to disciple them as they grow in their knowledge of Christ.”

What You Can Do

Passons encourages prayer for this ministry and those who listen to AMG broadcasts all over the world.

“Pray for [a] Muslim believer that for the first time is able to hear truth about Christ that they’ve never heard before. Pray that when these people have these questions that they reach out, [so] we’re able to engage, start the conversation, start the relationships, and answer those questions. Ultimately, pray for the local body of believers, that as these people come to faith we [can] connect them with local bodies that grow and impact the whole community.”

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