Amid rebuilding, scars still linger in China’s quake zone

By May 18, 2009

China (MNN) –- Just over a year ago, on May 12, 2008, an earthquake ripped through China’s Sichuan Province, taking nearly 87,000 lives.

The industrious Chinese people are slowly trying to pick up the pieces of their lives, but about 5 million are still homeless. In addition to this, because of China’s one-child-per-family policy, many have lost their only child, and with that child, their hope and future.

WorldServe Ministries sent workers into China right after the earthquake to help with the devastation. Now, they still have workers there not only to rebuild, but to restore some of the hope lost.

“We’re putting people there that can actually provide hope,” said Brian Rushton with WorldServe. These workers range from seminary students to church planters to any other volunteers. Rushton said as these individuals go into the area, “They’re sitting down with the people and, even though they’re not professional counselors, they can still listen to the people’s stories, they can still provide hope, and most importantly, they encourage them and become a friend.”

Rushton said while the workers want to share the Gospel with the people of China, they first focus on ministering to them by the restoration they are accomplishing and by being the hands and feet of Jesus.

“It is then that we can actually earn the right to share the message of Jesus Christ,” Rushton said.

A tangible way WorldServe is doing this is by constructing a Sichuan Hope Center in the heart of the area struck by the earthquake. This center will provide various resources for the Chinese, such as skill training, teaching English as a second language, a senior center, a youth center, various camps and a social place for them to be with friends.

“In all of this, we're trying to minister to the people in such a way that they can have their hope re-established,” Rushton said.

From June 30 to July 10 this summer, a group of 30 youth and college age individuals will be traveling to the area to help construct the Hope Center.

However, they cannot accomplish this task without your prayers and support. Consider contributing to this cause or supporting the workers currently in Sichuan by clicking here. Also, continual pray is needed as the church planters and volunteers in the area seek to restore hope to the broken-hearted people of China.

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