Amnesty: Myanmar junta has likely committed war crimes

By June 17, 2022

Myanmar (MNN) — Rights group Amnesty International says the military of Myanmar has likely committed war crimes against civilians. The junta seized power from the elected government in a February 2021 coup. Amnesty says the military has forcibly displaced more than 150,000 people since then.

Brian Dennett with AMG International says, “And over the last several weeks, there have been continued airstrikes with really no regard for life whatsoever. Homes, medical clinics, churches, really all just lost.”

“And people are continuing to live in great fear.”

Why would the military attack civilians so directly and with such terrible effects? Dennett says, “People are not happy at all with their lack of freedom under this military dictatorship. And the military wants to stop resistance at all costs. And putting fear into people is one way they’ve found to do that.”

The atrocities have centered around the Kayin and Kayah states. These areas have struggled for their independence for years. But the coup ended a decade of relative peace.


AMG works near these two states, across the border in Thailand. They serve people fleeing the violence, including many unaccompanied children.

Dennett says many of these children lost their parents in the violence. “They really have nothing and no support. And they don’t know where to go, living at tremendous risk. Our team in Thailand has recently established a shelter that’s currently helping 55 children.”

Dennett says that number will grow in the future as more kids cross the border. Pray the AMG team will have the resources to help more people in Jesus’ name.

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(Header photo courtesy of John Radcliffe from Pixabay)