An American pastor mentors pastors

By June 23, 2008

International (MNN) — In II Timothy the Apostle Paul said, "The things you've heard from me entrust these to faithful men who will then be able to teach others." President of Global Advance David Shibley is using Paul as an example as he mentors young pastors in the United States, by invitation only.

Shibley says, "I believe it's imperative for the church in the United States that their younger church leaders have evangelistic passion and world mission passion."

Shibley is doing something about that. "By invitation I have been inviting groups of 10, 12, 15 younger pastors or church leaders for two days just for a basic download and interaction of what God has taught me over these years."

Days with Davie only happens two or three times a year. He says the time he's invested has been worth it. "I've had young men come to me, many with tears in their eyes, talking about the fathering aspect of this. One young man came to me and said, 'I feel like I have a 20-year head start.'"

Shibley says older pastors need to start talking about Great Commission outreach. "Since the death of Bill Bright, I have not heard a great deal coming from older leaders about a passion of fulfilling the Great Commission and bringing closure on our Lord's commission to 'make disciples of all the nations.' I want to help download that passion into these men."

Shibley says we're living in a time unlike any time in history. "Over the last 10 years there have been at least a quarter million young people in the United States, and some figures go higher — some say even a half-million a year — who have some taste of cross-cultural ministry every year. That's never happened before in church history."

While that participation is positive, Shibley says, "I want to also see that directed in very fruitful ways for optimum impact for the cause of Christ worldwide."

Shibley is encouraging you to become a mentor. Pray that more experienced church leaders will follow in Shibley's footsteps.

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