An answer to the orphan problem: Christ

By May 5, 2009

Ukraine (MNN) – The statistics on orphans in Russia and the Ukraine are simply shocking. It is not only the number of orphans that continues to rise, but the number of orphan graduates involved in delinquent behavior.

According to information from Russian Ministries, within five years of leaving a state-run orphanage in Russia, one out of five orphan graduates is homeless; one out of two has committed a crime; and one in seven has attempted or committed suicide. Specific to young women orphan graduates, seven out of ten have been involved in some form of prostitution at the five-year mark.

With a staggering 103,000 orphans in the Ukraine as well, several Christian organizations and institutions are working vigorously to address the problem. Russian Ministries recently participated in a conference to talk precisely about these issues and how they can best be tackled.

At the conference, one pastor presented a vision for a project to eliminate the need for orphanages in Russia and the Ukraine by providing parents for every orphan in the two countries. Another ministry discussed their rehabilitation center for street children as well as a new foster care program. Other ministries already have programs in place to reach children effectively with the Gospel.

Ultimately, the only way these children will ever be saved from their circumstances is through Jesus Christ. Russian Ministries has created summer camps to be sure that the message of the Gospel is clearly presented to as many orphans as possible. With the hope of Christ on their side, it is far less likely that they will add to the five-year statistics listed above, and certain that they will experience eternal benefits.

In order for orphans to attend summer camps through Russian Ministries, financial resources are needed. If you can help send an orphan to summer camp to learn about the One who will never abandon them, click here.

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