An evangelist’s testimony counters a report from Iran.

By January 4, 2006

Iran (MNN)–It’s no secret that the the Iranian government has been clamping down on Christian activity.

That makes what’s described next something incredible and extraordinary. Evangelist Sammy Tippit says they got word that the most prestigious Iranian university published his biography.

More surprising, was that the article came from their ministry website. “They left everything in about my conversion, about how Christ changed my life everything that he’s done and it was left completely intact, just inserted into this magazine and then placed on line and distributed legally in the Islamic republic of Iran.”

The seeds of the Gospel are planted. Tippit urges prayer. “The President of Iran has really cracked down on anything Western. He’s very hardline and yet, in the midst of all of that, somehow, (in) the most prestigious university in the nation, God has opened the doors for us to have the Gospel inside the country.”

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