An example of Christ on the cross in Nepal

By October 7, 2015
(Photo courtesy BGR)

(Photo courtesy BGR)

Nepal (MNN) — In the spring of 2015, two earthquakes just weeks apart shook Nepal, sending the country into a crisis. This crisis forced those already struggling for survival into absolute desolation. Still, in a time so dark, God is working to care not just for the physical needs of the people, but their spiritual needs as well.

In one of the devastated Nepali villages is a pastor named Adil. Prior to the earthquake, Adil and his family faced neighborly abuse for being Christians. So when the call for help came in his village, few would expect Adil to be among the responders, yet he was. Adil has shown an incredible act of love by helping shelter those who had persecuted him.

bgrnepal_shelter_image_edited_3__medium In his efforts to help, Adil is working with Baptist Global Response (BGR) along with other Christian organizations to help his community. BGR is providing temporary shelter for those without homes. Though it is temporary, this is a huge blessing in a country where about 2.8 million people estimated are displaced because of the earthquake.

Now, as Adil demonstrates the love of Christ, those who once despised him are asking for his forgiveness, making enemies friends. Adil’s story has been one of beautiful redemption, love, and forgiveness. What better way to show Christ’s love for the ones who persecuted you than to provide their most basic needs when there’s all the opportunity to turn away.

To learn more about what BGR is doing in Nepal, click here.


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  • Only the Love of God can change a man’s heart!
    Jesus is truly our testimony. Beautiful story by God!
    Thank you precious Heavenly Father for Unconditional
    love for us! Amen.
    Sow Heavenly Father seeds deep down in your spirit, let Him water
    His seeds of life!

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