An innovative approach to water helps ministry confront global crisis

By September 28, 2007

International (MNN) — Water stands out as one of the worst and mismanaged finite natural resources. It pervades all area of society, and its lack can decimate a country faster than any other crisis. 

In fact, International Aid's Myles Fish says the lack of access to clean water is an ongoing and under-addressed disaster. "The World Health Organization has gone on record to state that more than 50% of the world's health problems are caused by bad water. The United Nations has set a goal to reduce by half the number of people who are suffering from bad water by the year 2015."

In answer to the crisis, International Aid has introduced a new, lightweight water filter that combines a proven filtration technology, known as BioSand, with an innovative plastic design.  International Aid believes the simplicity and affordability of the new unit have the potential to make a dramatic impact on the global water crisis.   

Field tests show the BioSand method removes pathogens from water through a combination of biological and mechanical processes. 

The filter itself comprises a plastic container enclosing layers of sand and gravel, including a surface layer of sand that is infused with bacteria-consuming micro-organisms during the filter's initial preparation. This filter provides clean, safe, affordable drinking water at a rate of 47 liters an hour.  

It's a first step toward ministry, too. The filter helps create indirect social benefits. It can foster local micro-businesses dedicated to the ongoing operation and maintenance of a water filtration project. 

Fish says these projects give credibility to ministry work. He explains, "One of the first things that you've got to be able to do is to build a rapport with that community, build a reputation, to build the kind of relationships that are necessary, so that you can go to the next step, which is to share your faith in Christ and to build the process of church planting."

Roughly $50 (USD) gets a filter to a needy area. Click here if you can sponsor one, or to find out how you can help .  

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