Ancestor worship mixes with biblical understanding in Lesotho mountains

By September 12, 2023

Lesotho (MNN) — Ancestor worship is saturated in the culture of Lesotho, a small land-bound country within South Africa. For pastors, reaching isolated villages in the Lesotho mountains is a challenge — both physically reaching them, and penetrating generations of ancestor worship with biblical truth.

Sefiri Seepheephe with Mission Aviation Fellowship Lesotho says syncretism is even a problem. “Some of them in growing up, they have been going to church, but they mixed things.

mission aviation fellowship

(Photo courtesy of Lesotho Flying Pastors, MAF)

“They know there are some ancestors. They know there was Jesus who died for some people or who died a long time ago. So they know the name Jesus, but really what is happening with Him, they don’t have any idea…. So you want to be in their shoes when you evangelize.”

Through the Lesotho Flying Pastors ministry, MAF flies local pastors to minister in the Lesotho mountains. But they still often have quite a trek to reach remote villages.

“Sometimes it’s hard because you walk for, let’s say, five to six hours to get to the house and you get there. All the answers are negative. People want to drive you out. They tell you they don’t need you, and then you walk back and you’re tired. So pray for their strength to face each day’s challenges.”

Please pray also for softened hearts to the Gospel in Lesotho.

The biggest need of the Lesotho Flying Pastors is for more audio Bibles. Seepheephe says, “The solar-powered audio Bibles…are very, very key for the ministry because we have most people who struggle to even write their own names. So reading is not their thing. The only [way] they can know the Bible is through audio.”

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Header photo courtesy of Mission Aviation Fellowship Lesotho.