Angola celebrates freedom physically and spiritually

By February 14, 2008

Angola (MNN) — This month marks the 33rd anniversary of Angola's national armed liberation struggle against the Portuguese colonialism. The physical freedom they gained was celebrated last week around the country. However, Sammy Tippit claims many in Angola lack the freedom that matters most — freedom that comes from knowing Christ.

The American evangelist was in Angola last week. Tippit says they held evangelistic, discipleship and some leadership training meetings. "This was the first time that this has ever happened, but we had a team to go to five provinces and hold major evangelistic meetings in the capital cities of those five provinces, and we were able to reach an incredible number of people."

According to Tippit, reaching Angola with the Gospel is a little more difficult that other African nations. "Because of the communistic influence that's been in there," Tippit says, "you have a lot atheism, which is a little unusual for Asia. But you have a lot of it because of what was taught to them in the schools in previous years. But it's like a flower that's ready to blossom."

Thousands of people heard the Gospel, and Tippit says there were more than 3,000 people who filled out commitment cards. But, Tippit says, "One of the problems with the numbers is that, for instance in one city in Luana, they told me that they had many, many entire family groups come. But they only got one name of the head of the household, so that 3,000 is more like 6,000 or 7,000 people."

In one area, an entire cult group was influenced by Tippit's work. Tippit says, "This cult believed there was going to come a prophet from the U.S. that would tell them the way to go. He shared the Gospel and said, 'I'm not a prophet or a son of a prophet, but I can tell you the Bible is the way to follow.' Some of their leaders came to Christ."

However, evangelism, discipleship and leadership training wasn't the only thing they were doing. Tippit says they were able to launch their Praying Through the Family initiative. "Everywhere I went they said, 'This is what we need.' And it's one of the things that I'm finding worldwide that there is a great crisis on the family unit. The family is under attack."

The goal is to provide teaching material on how to do spiritual battle for their families.

Tippit's asking you to pray that multiplication will take place, similar to what happened four years ago when he was there. "I met a pastor who is starting churches throughout the capital city, and he was converted in our very first evangelistic meetings four years ago. Pray that we'll have that same type of thing happen."

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