Anniversary celebrates hundreds of kids given a new hope for life

By May 20, 2010

India (MNN) — Every year, more than 35,000 children are born with clubfoot in India alone. While it is one of the world's most common disabilities and easily treated, few people in developing countries can afford treatment or have access to it, according to CURE International. In fact, many are not even aware treatment is available.

CURE is seeking to raise awareness and provide hope for individuals with this debilitating condition. Last week, they celebrated the one-year anniversary of their clubfoot treatment program in Delhi.

"Until we began this program, there was no clubfoot program in Delhi. Most of the children who are born with clubfoot are neglected," said Santosh George of CURE. Without mobility, these neglected children have no chance for education, altering their present and future.

"If the child is not treated, then his or her entire life is ruined," George said. No education means no career and a slim chance of being able to provide for the individual or his family.

That's why CURE began their non-surgical program with the help of the Indian government. Since the government pays for health care there, this treatment is available at no cost to the patient. And though the nonsurgical casting procedure has a longer length of treatment compared to the surgical method, it is less expensive for those administering it, while also more effective for the patient, George said.

In addition to cost saved, CURE chose to collaborate with the government because of the shear scope of the issue, "This is actually a new model that [was] imagined because in India, unless we work with the government, it could be very difficult to reach out to all these children," George said.

In the future, CURE hopes to use this model to also impact children in other countries across the world.

Unfortunately, because they are administering treatment in government hospitals, CURE is not allowed to openly share Christ during patient visits. However, George said the counselors who work with these kids focus on developing relationships with them and their families. When the opportunity presents itself, they share Christ and the hope He offers not only for their immediate future, but also their eternal futures.

George asks you to pray for these individuals: "We want prayers so that the counselors are successful in maintaining this relationship with the families and presenting [the] Gospel."

You can also partner with CURE as they continue to reach out to children with clubfoot all over the world. Click here to join the cause.

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