Annual conference helps believers become advocates

By September 4, 2012

USA (MNN) — According to the International Labor Organization, sex slavery claims 4.5 million victims worldwide. Over half of these victims are children.

"It's sickening," said Tina Yeager of Operation Mobilization. "It just makes you want to cry for them, and many times I have!"

Yeager coordinates OM's Freedom Climb Conference, taking place this year September 20-23 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The annual conference enables and encourages believers to become advocates for oppressed women and children worldwide. Attendees learn how OM fights trafficking through prevention, development, and rescue and rehabilitation ministries.

"Human trafficking…of women and children around the world is monumental," Yeager said. "As the body of Christ, we need to stand up together and say, 'No more! We want to make a difference.'"

Yeager said the Lord impressed an additional focus for this year's conference. She shared that many Freedom Climb supporters were passionate about human trafficking because they had also been victims of bondage.

"We saw that the Lord wanted us to move forward in helping women to be free in Christ," she said. "So our conference is really a two-fold conference."

Participants will learn about freedom in Christ from authors Stasi Eldridge and Carolyn Custis James. The acclaimed writers will hold workshops for participants, equipping them with tools to advocate for the cause and engage their communities, churches and local media in ongoing discussions. A Freedom Climb follows the two-day conference.

"The climb is for everybody," Yeager emphasized. "We've even created climbs that are lower-level so that the families come and climb together to be a voice."

Yeager said it's not too late to join the conference. You can sign up here.

Most importantly, pray.

"Pray that the Body of Christ comes together to end the slavery of these children and women worldwide."

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