Another door opens for outreach in Togo.

By June 7, 2004

Togo (MNN)–Togo, West Africa, is between Ghana and the Republic of Benin.

Togo’s population may be divided into three main geographically arranged groups. In the south are three principal tribes: the Ahoulan, the Ewes, and the Gens.

The country remains faithful to its pagan ancestry. Voodoo and spirit worship began in Togo. Although Protestantism has been in the country, the biblical gospel is almost foreign to the population.

That’s where the work of the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism comes in. Their major ministries are in church planting, medical evangelism, a blind center, and theological education.

ABWE’s team says there’s good news on the latter. Literacy primers in two indigenous languages are now available through the Resource Center.

Plans are underway to train literacy instructors who are committed to teaching others within their churches and communities to read.

The ultimate goal is to enable Christians to be able to read God’s Word. They also want to use literacy as a tool for reaching people in their communities for Christ.

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