e3 Partners worker reaches community that rejected him

By June 26, 2019

Asia (MNN) — The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. This is not a new challenge for the church. However, it is one e3 Partners equips international workers to handle. E3’s Marketing Communications Manager Jeff Johnston says one man’s faithfulness led to a community’s redemption in Asia.

“Aaron lives in a community where the majority of people did not know the message of the Gospel. The few that had heard it rejected it, and it was frowned upon there. When he heard it, something stirred in his heart, and he accepted Christ into his life. But when others from his community found out about his newfound faith, they kicked him out. They banished him.”

(Photo courtesy of e3 Partners)

Isolated, Aaron eventually discovered an e3 team who discipled him and trained him to share the Gospel. The training included a three-touch process.

Aaron joined a training trip and observed his teachers share the Gospel. On the second trip, Aaron helped with 50 percent of the work. On the third trip, Aaron did the work of sharing the Gospel alone.

As Aaron spiritually matured and his confidence grew, his mentor, Ramos, encouraged him to return home as a light for Christ.

Multiplying Workers for the Harvest

Terrified, Aaron prayerfully made the journey. He asked God to lead him to people whose hearts were open. When Aaron arrived, the first people he saw welcomed him back. Trusting God, Aaron shared the Gospel with these people and they almost immediately accepted Christ.

(Photo courtesy of e3 Partners)

“Today, Aaron has shared the Gospel with over 130 people from his own community. Many of them have accepted Christ into their lives and been baptized. Now, two churches have been planted in that community,” Johnston explains.

“What started as a community that was just completely hostile towards the Gospel, has now grown into a community that is thriving, and it’s multiplying believers and churches daily.”

God is moving in some of the hardest to reach places through e3 partnerships with national believers, like Ramos and Aaron. e3 strives to provide a teaching and discipleship model resulting in exponential growth. Testimonies like Aaron’s prove its working.

“I think that’s really, ultimately, the only way that the Gospel is going to be able to reach across the entire world,” Johnston says.

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Pray God continues raising up workers for the harvest. Pray these workers share the Gospel and disciple others. Ask God to bless these workers with resources to fund their work and host training events. Pray for ways YOU can join e3 through short-term trips and even work in your own country to help further the message of the Gospel.

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