Anti-Christian militants put an end to Jesus film viewing

By April 20, 2011

Asia (MNN) — Films of Jesus' life are shown around the world every day. But anti-Christian militants recently put a stop to one such film.

A pastor supported by Gospel for Asia invited a film team to his village to show a movie about the life of Christ. Accommodations would not be much-the would be projected onto a bed sheet hung up between too poles-but excitement and warm welcome were evident.

When people finally settled in for the big night, over 150 adults and children were ready to watch. The night began with 45 minutes of music, singing, and much anticipation.

The people had been watching the film for about an hour when a group of six anti-Christian radicals began making a scene. The group approached the film team and warned them to stop showing the film, but the film crew continued, knowing that they had the support of the community behind them.

As the militants grew angry, the 150-person crowd started to retaliate, shouting down the men. They were intrigued by the movie, and wanted to keep watching it. The radicals responded to the crowd by shouting that the film team and local believers were trying to force conversion to Christianity.

The film continued, and the militants grew angrier. The group hurled themselves at the film team leader and its crew and physically attacked them. The missionaries were forced to run off and hide in order to avoid any more trouble for the local church. Despite the people's interest, the film had to be stopped.

Praise God that he is more powerful than such an interruption. Pray that people will start asking questions of local believers about the film and its ending, and come to faith in Jesus Christ. Pray that the militants would reflect on what they saw in the film as well, and surrender their lives to the Savior.

GFA missionaries are often in dangerous situations for the cause of Christ. Read more about them here.

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