Armenian children respond to the Gospel

By July 3, 2008

Armenia (MNN) — In 2007, 150,000 children and youth in 2,200 Armenian
communities received a Book of Hope. One
of them was a 13-year-old boy named Armen. He was one of 1,200 Armenian young people to make a decision for Christ
through the ministry of Book of Hope in 2007.

Armen is an orphan with no memory of his parents. He has lived in an orphanage all his life
and increasingly felt that his life was worthless because nobody loved

"I frequently thought that … I must be dear and
precious to someone. It is impossible
that  am totally useless." Eventually,
however, he lost hope. "I decided that
if my life is useless and no one needs me, it means there is no sense in
living. I decided to end my life."

God had other plans. The night that Armen made his terrible decision, he dreamed that people
were coming who wanted him to wait. The
very next day, an Affect Destiny Team from the local church came to Armen's
orphanage and showed the film The GodMan.
Armen made a decision to put his faith in Jesus Christ. 

"Today, I understood that I am not alone, and I am not
useless," Armen said. "I have a Father and a Lord who loves me so much. Now
there is a sense in my life, and I
will live it with Jesus!"

Book of Hope has a goal to distribute 50,000 copies of the Book of Hope in
2008. 42 Armenian churches have united
around Book of Hope's ministry in their country. They can now use a new Storying Edition of
the Book of Hope to reach out to illiterate ethnic minorities like the Kurds,
Yezids, Azeri, and Assyrians. 

Since 2004, Book of Hope has been ministering in Armenia–the
first country in the world to publish the Bible. One-third of all Armenians are unemployed,
and half of them live below the poverty line. The country has a growing refugee population. 

For just 33 cents, you can send a Book of Hope to a child in
need of Christ.

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