Armenians fear a return to violence with Azerbaijan

By September 22, 2021

Armenia (MNN) — Will further conflict break out between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the Southern Caucasus? Azerbaijan bristled at the recent suggestion from a U.S. diplomat and claimed the conflict is, “in the past.”

Gene, a worker in Central Asia, says Armenians he has spoken to have a very different outlook. “They have a major concern that the goal or the ambition that exists is really for Turkey and Azerbaijan to join themselves by a land passage. So many of them fear that there’s actually going to be continued war.”

On the other hand, Armenia has recently reported improving relations with neighboring Turkey. Azerbaijan has come between the two countries in recent years, so it remains to be seen if this trend continues.

Turkey actually aided Azerbaijan during the fighting last year. Azerbaijan seized control of the Nagorno-Karabakh region from Armenia. Over 5,000 soldiers died, and hundreds of civilians were killed as well. Heavy shelling damaged houses, forcing people to flee.

Armenian churches

Churches in the country continue to care for those who have been displaced. Gene says the wounds from this conflict run deep. “The Armenians are angry with their government for conceding the war. I heard some say, ‘they conceded at the loss of our sons. So why did we even lose our sons if they were going to concede to start with?’”

Pray God’s Kingdom of peace and hope would spread in both countries despite the difficult and uncertain times. Gene says, “[Pray they will] continue to do what is right before the Lord, not to do what’s politically right or socially and culturally correct. They are really true citizens of heaven.”


The header photo shows an Armenian protest against the ceasefire which ended the fighting last year. (Photo courtesy of Garik Avakian, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons)