Artistic publication eye-catching to believers and non-believers

By April 6, 2010

International (MNN) — National Geographic Magazine has been in circulation for over a century and is now one of the best-known photojournalistic publications in the world. With features from people to cultures to creation, it's a shame that the magazine is not approached from a Christian perspective.

The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) took notice of the lack of well-published Christian photojournalistic work, however, and now maintains a publication that could arguably rival even National Geographic.

TEAM's Horizons magazine is a photojournalistic approach to updating the world about God's mission field.

"We call it a photojournalistic picture of the body of Christ around the world," says TEAM's Mike Cochrane. "It is not intended to be primarily a promotion for TEAM, or even primarily a report on TEAM's work. It is intended to be a true picture of the Body of Christ."

Articles within Horizons are written by TEAM photographers. These photographers travel to various regions around the world in which TEAM is working, interview missionaries, and collect stories. Although many of the stories begin with leads from TEAM missionaries, many articles focus on other ministries. Cochrane says as much as 75 percent of certain articles report on the work of other ministries and NGO's.

The striking front page photos of Horizons would cause anyone to pick it up and flip through. "On the cover of each of our magazines, we try to emphasize the fact that the Body of Christ is about people," says Cochrane. This is accomplished through rather striking front page photos of people from around the world. Cochrane says the publication would fit right in on a coffee table.

"It's about an 86-page coffee table, art book style presentation of the Body of Christ around the world."

Due to its high quality and intriguing international features, even non-believers may find themselves interested in Horizons. Cochrane says all of its characteristics make the publication a very simple evangelistic tool for Christians who can set it out at their business or workplace. Who knows how God may stir the hearts of skeptics as they read about His work around the world and others' encounters with Him?

Horizons is published twice a year and is distributed to 5,000 subscribers and roughly 5,000 more from  various other distributions. The publication includes a DVD of interviews and short clips that could easily be used by church mission teams, some of which are short enough to update a congregation during a service. Subscriptions to Horizons are free, and older editions may be viewed online. Click here to subscribe.

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