As protests persist, Heart4Iran injects the hope of Christ into national conversation

By November 17, 2022

Iran (MNN) — A new wave of unrest sweeps Iran as demonstrators mark the third anniversary of “Bloody November.”

The government cracked down severely on protests in 2019, killing 304 people. Aid groups say at least 326 people have died in the current turmoil, including 43 children.

The United Nations will hold a special emergency session on Iran next Thursday. Mayra Yazdari with Heart4Iran says UN attention is essential for two reasons.

“First of all, it shows that finally, leaders of the free world are standing for the values they claim they stand for. Second, it shows they are taking this revolution more seriously. That’s what people from Iran are asking,” Yazdari says.

“We already have lost too many lives, including kids and teenagers, and more than 14,000 lives are at risk.”

(Photo courtesy of Heart4Iran)

Judges sentenced the first protestor to death on Monday, followed quickly by additional sentences yesterday. “That’s the regime’s way of oppressing opponents to remain in power,” Yazdari says.

“In 1988, authorities executed three- to five-thousand political prisoners across the country. The current regime president, Ibrahim Raisi, was a central player in the mass executions during those years.”

Heart4Iran injects the hope of Christ into national conversation through Mohabat TV. Learn how you can help here.

“Mohabat TV and Heart4Iran have focused on Iran incidents in the past two months. In the live programs, people can call the host and talk on the air or connect with mentors and counselors,” Yazdari says.

Most importantly, pray. “Pray that our people achieve freedom and liberty and that the world leaders would change their policies from supporting the oppressor to supporting the oppressed,” Yazdari requests.

“[Pray that] criminals would be held accountable for their crimes against humanity so that justice would be served.”



Header image depicts protestors in Iran. (Photo courtesy of SalamPix/ABACA/picture alliance via Heart4Iran)