As waters recede in northern Pakistan, Taliban pose new threat

By August 30, 2010

Pakistan (MNN) — A month after monsoons swept Pakistan and left
miles of muddy water in their wake, the waters in northern Pakistan are finally
receding. However, foreign aid workers there are immediately facing another
challenge: the Taliban is demanding they leave the country or risk attack.

Dave Davis of The Evangelical
Alliance Mission
said the threat is both serious and credible: "I think
it's a real threat; it hasn't materialized yet in terms of an actual attack on
aid workers. Probably the further north you go, the more realistic the threat
is. I think it's also an intimidation tactic to slow down the involvement of

But Davis said foreign workers are already limited in the
scope of aid they can give, as bridges and roads across the country have been
destroyed. So the only way to reach trapped victims amidst the
devastation is by air or on foot.

Pakistani nationals are pitching in up North, but
they can only do so much without international aid.

To top it off, though waters are receding, the medical needs
of Pakistan increase as the hundreds of thousands of animals killed by the
flood waters could spread diseases rapidly.

However, Davis said TEAM is using the opportunity to form
deeper relationships in the communities they were already serving, as well as in new
areas. Such relationships may open up opportunities to share Christ and His
love in the future.

In the meantime, join TEAM in prayer against the Taliban's
threats: "Pray that this threat, that creates a very insecure situation,
is minimal."

Davis said if these threats continue to limit foreign
workers in Pakistan, TEAM will need funds to supply their current
team as well as to train more national teams. Also, TEAM is considering organizing
a medical team to help combat the water borne diseases already cropping up.

If you feel led to help TEAM, click here to support them. Davis said it doesn't matter so much about who you give funds to, but that
you are supporting ministries there: "In my view, helping any one of those
is part of the answer because the needs are so vast; no one group could
possibly do enough."

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