ASM partner expands ministry in Northeast India

By September 6, 2012

India (MNN) — Located in northeast India, Manipur hosts a multitude of diverse ethnic groups and a plethora of problems. Racism, poverty, and conflict top the list, but God's Word could change this dark nation. Audio Scripture Ministries announced an opportunity to introduce the Gospel in audio to this broken land.

World Cassette Outreach of India (WCOI), an affiliate of ASM, recently had a chance to record the New Testament in Komrem, a language spoken by six kindred ethnic groups in Manipur. 

Mangte Chungneijang Mary Pom brought international recognition to Manipur by competing in the semi-final round of the first-ever women's Olympic boxing tournament last month. A London blog said the determined athlete came from a poor farming family and began boxing "in a bid to escape from poverty." Although the British gold medalist defeated MC Mary Pom in the semi-final round, Pom hoped simply competing in the Games would help "bring her state out of abject poverty."

While Pom brought Manipur to the international stage, ASM has been diligently working in the trenches. Last summer, ASM and WCOI distributed 100 units to over 250 people in the jungles of northern India. The Lord has blessed ASM and WCOI with rapid expansion and increased reach to ethnic tribes in India. As a result, their facilities need to be upgraded. Visit this page if you can help their dreams of a better facility become reality.

Ask God to give the WCOI wisdom as they
pursue this project. Pray also for the funding needed to provide audio
Bibles to ethnic communities in Manipur. Click here if you can help financially. 

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