ASM teams with believers to translate Gospel

By November 18, 2008

Peru (MNN) — A collection of believers have teamed up to
bring the Word of God deep into the jungles of Peru. In Peru, a fifth of those
who can't read or write live in rural areas and many of them are Peruvian
Indians who speak only their native language. Audio Scripture Ministries has been
asked to coordinate a program that would record the translated Word of God so
that native Peruvians could hear Scripture in their own tongue. Work has
already started on translating and recording the first of 11 native tongues,
and the large team working on this project includes two national ministry
teams, a team from the U.S., translators, and ASM.

"When people hear God's Word in their own language, it
touches their hearts in a way that most of us here in the United States have
forgotten," said Dudenhofer. "As a result, many people will trust Jesus Christ
simply by hearing the Scriptures." 

Missionaries in Peru desired to have God's Word translated
into their own languages. They contacted ASM, who provided funding for
equipment such as laptops and training software. Once trained, the national believers
contacted ASM again for production assistance. Audio Scripture Ministries helped
the technicians build a new recording studio and have given them more equipment
to finish the production process. One of the North American organizations is recording
the language in a slightly different format.

"We think that it's pretty significant that several North
American organizations, missionary organizations, and national believers can
all work together," says Tom Dudenhofer with Audio Scripture Ministries. "I
think the reason is that we're really concerned that these people have the
opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ. That's a message they'd never be able
to read for themselves."

And, Dudenhofer adds, that message will carry on. "That particular language group will be touched for
generations once they have God's Word in an audio format that they can listen

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