At-risk groups in the U.S. get Biblical career help

By September 13, 2007

USA (MNN) —  If getting a job isn't difficult for those in at-risk groups, maintaining it may be.

That's why Here's Life Inner City is helping people address the problems and difficulties related to career development. Created in a Harlem homeless shelter, Holistic Hardware focuses on ten key areas including responsibility, self-esteem, planning and work. 

The recently enhanced video course offers a wide range of experiences through the CD's: music, drama, Biblically-based teaching, and testimonies. The program has already proven successful in prisons, juvenile homes, rehab centers and court-mandated anger management classes.

The program is designed to help those at risk to address barriers and find solutions to their career development. It also includes helping them develop job searching strategies and marketing skills that will help them obtain meaningful jobs.   

In the enhanced version available through WorkNet, Here's Life Inner City is able to offer the message that no one is unemployable, which is also the title of a book by the president of WorkNet.

In places where it is appropriate, Christians are facilitating the program. In these cases, attendees are able to get spiritual direction and encouragement along with
practical skills.

The disc set is available for $89.95. This includes 10 lessons, a leader's guide, and student and leader worksheets.

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