At the foot of the Kyrgyz mountains, My First Bible to Kyrgyz children yields fruit.

By December 13, 2005

Kyrgyzstan (MNN)–In a small village at the foot of the Kyrgyz Mountains, hearts are changing because of an International Bible Society distribution.

Children from one family first met Jesus through reading My First Bible. It is printed in three languages: Kyrgyz, Russian, and English.

At the same time, their parents responded to the Gospel. Once they came back to the village as changed people, the parents experienced rejection by their neighbors.

The Muslim cleric tried to stir up hatred against the new believers and even demanded that all contact with them cease.

Even so, the testimony of the family became such that their neighbors couldn’t resist the pull of peace coming from the home.

Most families in the culture struggle with discord and alcoholism. But the neighbors noticed the lack of disharmony emanating from the home. Their curiousity drew them in and they saw something different.

When neighbors ignored the cleric’s order and visited the house, they could sense a new atmosphere because the peace of Jesus prevails there.

Pray for the family as they continue to witness Christ to their neighbors.

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